What we hear

  • “I appreciate working with you both and benefitting from your wise counsel over the past years. Dating coaching with Richard has taught me a lot. I feel more confident today than ever about my ability to see a relationship for what it really is and decide whether or not it’s one that will work for me.” ~Marcia, Cambridge, MA


  • The Wolman’s are straight forward and honest.  There is not an easy answer for every situation.  How they handled the question from the fellow that can’t afford to go out due to child support was precious.  I love those two. ~Elizabeth, Match Webinar Attendee


  • Thank you all! The [Match] webinar was very inspiring, to say the least. I’m ready to start dating now. It’s been a long time for me as I was a little gun shy. ~Roland, Match Webinar Attendee


  • “I have to be honest, I didn’t expect much from the [Match] webinars. You guys are great and are answering the very questions that I have. Maybe, I’m just lucky.”  ~Greg, Match Webinar Attendee


  • Peggy had some wonderful dating and relationship advice, which was instrumental in changing some beliefs and patterns that no longer served me. I’m happy to say that I am currently in a relationship with a very successful man, who is generous, well-educated and cultured, has a great sense of humor, and who cares deeply for me – and after close to two years is still sending me flowers!  ~Karen, 54, Brookline, MA


  • I really and truly appreciate all you have done for me and all we will do together to find me a mate who is ideal for me. I couldn’t have better guides than the two of you, and I am grateful for your expertise and wise counsel. THANK YOU!!
    ~Warmly, Anna, 59, Los Angeles, CA


  •  9QEVP5YHO3“As a native Bostonian, mother of four married children, community theatre director, non-profit benefit chair, and former faculty member at one of Boston’s prestigious secondary schools, it’s no wonder Peggy has a HUGE personal and professional network. The key is she is welcoming and inclusive.”
    ~Faith, 48, Boston, MA


  • “Peggy is an incredible coach and speaker. Her dating knowledge for women over 50 is empowering, intuitive, and strategic. She’s definitely the person I would want on my side if I were starting over or re-energizing my approach to dating!”
    ~Maria Avgitidis, CEO, Agape Match, NYC


  • I deeply appreciate the many different services you areZJMG56P1IL providing through your matchmaking program.  Indeed, I am quite amazed by all the distinct elements (and experts) you have engaged in the whole process. I am learning so much!
    ~Dan, 60, Brookline, MA


  • I never thought I would ever hire or work with a dating coach. As a rule, my independent “DIY” nature recoils from asking for help. I am very successful in my career and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t translate that success into dating. Working with Peggy Wolman Matchmaking was a real “game changer” for me. Peggy & Richard are wise, humorous, genuine, tough, kind, strong, and empathetic -all the things I wanted in a coach to find the right husband. They are willing to work to find out of the box solutions while helping a woman get what she wants without sacrificing what really matters.
    ~Diane, 38, Lenox, MA


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  • When I first met Peggy I was drawn to her warm and optimistic personality. And then I met her husband Richard who is perceptive, thoughtful and quick with a joke. Together they make the dream team and they’ve helped me navigate the tricky waters of dating. They’ve helped me develop the language to describe my best self and, more importantly, they’ve helped me figure out how to ask the right questions to really get to know someone new. With their guidance, I’ve been able to stop and think about who I want to be in a relationship and what I need to feel fulfilled. I believe that they’ve helped me open my heart and realize that the right guy could be out there anywhere and I just need to be ready to meet him.
    ~Meg, 36, Cambridge, MA


  • Any person who has the pleasure of working with Peggy & Richard Wolman will be better for it. A warm, straightforward, dynamic team (and real-life couple), the Wolman’s unique blend of candor, wisdom, counseling, mothering and practical advice helped me truly become a better version of myself.With them, I developed a much richer understanding of what a true-life partnership can look like, and better prepared to find it. My relationship with Marc has grown and deepened in ways I never anticipated. Thank you both!
    ~Laura, 48, Boston, MA


  • G2ZSH1CZMNThe Great Love Debates have been presented to audiences in nearly 200 cities with 250 matchmaking and dating coaching expert panelists. Remember the name Peggy Wolman – she is as eloquent, passionate, informative, empowering, self-aware, funny, entertaining, and insightful as anyone we have ever had on our stage.  She understands what makes men tick, what women want, and what all of us really need on our journey to find love and happiness.”
    ~Brian Howie, The Great Love Debate, Host & Creator


  • Peggy, It was a privilege last night to hear your experiences and wisdom. Your analogy of “Finding a mate is like finding a job; it takes time and effort”, is not good news, yet is good to know. “Be open to being surprised because your future mate may come in an unexpected package”, is an expansive insight. Best of all was your warm, open, optimistic speaking style. Thank you!
    ~Jay Uhler, Psychologist, Author of How to Make Friend