Ally Wecker


Ally Wecker has a keen eye and sensibility for the importance of style and presentation in personal and professional relationships. As we all know, first impressions are powerful and lasting. They often shape the future of any interaction. In the world of dating, an authentic image is crucial and can set the stage for communicating your best self to anyone you meet.

Do you feel confident when you meet new people? Are you constantly questioning your appearance? Does your image project to people who you really are? Appearance and poise matter, especially in the beginning of a personal relationship or a new opportunity. StyledbyAlly Image Consulting, will help you create a style that is unique to who you are and to the image you want to project.

Working with Ally is a simple and fun process. First, you will spend time together so that she can understand your tastes, your style history and your strengths. She will then provide you with the resources to look and feel great about the image you project. The result will empower and enhance you for the rest of your life. With her energetic and outgoing personality, her honest communication skills and positive outlook, Ally will make your transformation an easy and exciting one. Ally is also mindful of the costs associated with creating your new and unique image, and she will work with you within your budget.

Ally’s background is in the area of professional development, sales and marketing. She has extensive experience in image creation, effective presence and customer service and is current in the world of fashion; she follows trends and styles for all body shapes and types. Her unique talents allow her to utilize many resources from hair salons, make-up artists, specialty stores, discount stores (TJ Max, Marshall’s, H&M) and a wide range of retail stores (GAP, Eileen Fisher, Ann Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks, and more).

Ally received her BA in psychology and her MBA in Health Administration, both from Union College. She lives in Weston, Massachusetts with her husband, 3 sons and their dog, Lola.