Vicki Summers

Vicki graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater and Drama Education, followed by a graduate degree in Exceptional Education/Sign Language Interpreting.  In 1986, she moved with her future husband to Cape Cod, where she raised a daughter and worked as a drama teacher for children with special needs, vocational rehabilitation counselor and sign language interpreter.  Vicki has always found time to pursue her passion as an actress, and she has written, produced, directed and starred in memorable productions on Cape Cod and elsewhere. Helping people find their voices and blossom on and off stage has been her primary objective, no matter the vocational field or hobby.  Her compassion, warmth, and strong communication skills are integral to everything she does.  Vicki brings her own personal experience with online dating to her position as a recruiter to Peggy Wolman Matchmaking.

Vicki believes that each day offers the opportunity to begin a new journey.  “We have only to open ourselves to the myriad possibilities.”