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Peggy Wolman Matchmaking provides discreet, upscale matchmaking, and dating coaching for successful, commitment-minded singles. Finding the right partner can be a full-time job. Many people don't have the time or the skills required. As your matchmaker and dating coach, I will commit time, energy and networking expertise to help you find love. The mission of Peggy Wolman Matchmaking is to give intelligent, mature, motivated singles the tools they need to attract, create and keep the relationships they deserve. Rather than focus on why you are single, we focus on what you are going to do about it.

What makes Peggy Wolman Matchmaking unique? Nothing can replace my personal approach. I form real relationships with my clients, meeting with them personally and taking the time to understand who they are. In addition, my husband, Dr. Richard Wolman, a Harvard psychologist, actively participates in initial interviews. His years of experience and wisdom, combined with my pragmatic approach, give clients meaningful insight and useful matchmaking and dating coaching options early on in the process. Every interaction between you and Peggy Wolman Matchmaking is held in the strictest confidence. Personal information will never be shared without your consent.

The most common question singles ask is, "Where do I find someone?” The real question is, “How can I find someone?” This is why you need a strategy. The first strategic, proactive step toward finding a relationship is to hire a matchmaker or a dating coach. The second step to finding love is to be open to new possibilities. Picasso once said, "I don't look, I find." He kept himself open to surprise. Simply put, forget your lists. Singles of all ages looking for love need to think less about the kind of person they think they want, and more about the kind of person they need to make them happy. Give yourself the gift of being open to the idea that love may come in an unexpected package.

Peggy Wolman Matchmaking offers personal consultation, group sessions, workshops, and seminars for educational institutions, businesses, community and religious organizations. If you are looking for a meaningful and lasting relationship, and feel overwhelmed or frustrated on your own, contact Peggy Wolman Matchmaking--to make love happen!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Peggy and Richard Wolman.

Peggy Wolman

"Peggy Wolman is one of my favorite matchmaker and dating coach colleagues. She is warm, smart and mature. Her insights and integrity stand out in our profession. Peggy gets amazing results and clients adore her. I recommend Peggy Wolman Matchmaking enthusiastically to anyone who is serious about finding love." - Rachel Greenwald, NY Times Best Selling Author of "Have Him at Hello" and "Find a Husband After Age 35: What I learned at Harvard Business School"

Latest News:

Peggy and Richard Wolman were featured on CBS This Morning sharing their passion for helping singles of all ages find love on July 7th 2014. Watch Now!.

Peggy Wolman Matchmaking is delighted to be included in this thoughtful article in the March 29, 2014 edition of the New York Times. This article serves as a valuable reminder that finding love at any age is possible. Whether you are thirty or seventy, or anywhere in between, have never been married, divorced or widowed, the key to your success is to be proactive, positive, patient and open to new possibilities.