Love Matters

Your Turn – Love Matters Holiday Edition 2020

Your Turn We want to hear from you – about your dating experiences during this time of COVID.  There is a myriad of ideas, suggestions, advice from experts, professionals, and more, available online, in Zoom calls, and in socially distanced coffee shops. But the real experts are you!  And we want to know how you…

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Love in the Time of COVID – Love Matters September 2020

Conventional wisdom would suggest that looking for love in the midst of the anxiety, fear, uncertainty and danger of the Tsunami of Covid is so beyond the bandwidth of the average person struggling to manage children and/or parents, preserve an income, and stay safe, that the notion is laughable. We sequester and work from home,…

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Love Matters: Be Mine or Thine (Valentine’s Day 2019)

In 2014, an inspiring article about our matchmaking for older adults appeared in The New York Times. It featured a wonderful 73-year-old woman who found a loving, lasting relationship. Dozens of older adults continue to tell us that they kept this article in their desks waiting until they were ready to take action. The Times…

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