Your Turn – Love Matters Holiday Edition 2020

Your Turn

We want to hear from you – about your dating experiences during this time of COVID.  There is a myriad of ideas, suggestions, advice from experts, professionals, and more, available online, in Zoom calls, and in socially distanced coffee shops.

But the real experts are you!  And we want to know how you feel; what you do to ensure that relationships are created or fostered; and how you are coping with the isolation that prevents all of us from hugging friends and family.  Are you meeting other singles mostly online or also offline and maintaining social distance?

Two people on opposite ends of park bench wearing masks

Each of you is facing a new world of dating, of getting to know someone new through virtual platforms. The questions that come to us from members and singles are centered around: “How is it possible to build authentic relationships on a screen?”  How is it workable to even get to know someone if body language is, all of a sudden, not available?  How much information can safely be shared and how long does it take before experimenting with a carefully controlled in-person meeting?

We know that you have begun to form your own ideas and even conclusions, and we invite you to now share those valuable insights, observations, and experimentation with us and the other wonderful singles in our membership. You will be our teachers!

Group of people gathered at office table

One of the strong features that we have learned of this new virtual world, and in which we are all now living, is that so many of us are learning to use our screens to reach out and make contact with friends and families. The thought of meeting someone new actually has more promise than ever before.  This is an anecdotal observation of ours, and we would like to know whether it applies to you.  We would also like to know what advantages and disadvantages you have found using the new virtual platforms.

After we hear from you, we will pull together your insights, tips, and thoughts about what is the most effective strategy for getting to know someone new online.  In our follow-up newsletter, we will pull your contributions together and present them to our entire membership as a way of keeping the dialogue going.

Feel free to share your views and send them to  We will never publish your comments without your permission, but your help will, I assure you, inform our work and understanding of the challenges of these remarkable times.


Peggy and Richard

Richard and Peggy Wolman