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About Us

Meet our Team

Peggy Wolman Matchmaking has assembled an experienced team of matchmakers, coaches, an image consultant, photographers and online specialists to be in your corner as you embark on your journey to find love. Each of us brings a wide variety of experience and skills to our work. It is a privilege to work with you in your search for love.


Peggy Wolman

Founder & CEO


With a Masters in Social Work, and over twenty-five years directing theatre, my professional background is rooted in helping people find their own voices. I know how to motivate and inspire confidence to help you achieve the kind of results in your personal search for love that you may have achieved in your professional life. People consider me a natural connector because of my history of bringing people together. Family, friends, colleagues and clients know that when I take on a project – just like a “production,” they can count on my enthusiasm, effort and investment in its success.

My intensive training with Rachel Greenwald, international best-selling author and matchmaker, helped to launch my career as a successful matchmaker and effective dating coach.

I consider myself blessed to have found a lasting, loving relationship with my husband, Richard, for over 50 years, and to have four married children. Mutual respect, commitment, and open communication are the cornerstones of our longstanding relationship. These are the values I bring to matchmaking and dating coaching.    Read the story about how Richard and I met…

Richard Wolman

PhD Psychologist


I have been a member of the faculty of Harvard Medical School for over 30 years. As an experienced clinician, author, researcher and teacher, I studied and helped countless individuals navigate their relationships through troubled waters.

So, my new ‘App’ with Peggy of coaching men and women in their search for love is an organic extension of my career. This work inspires me, because I have seen that even though many of our clients have endured extraordinarily difficult life experiences, hope survives and can generate new, loving connections.

In my role as President and Research Director of PsychoMatrix, an educational research organization, I also know the value of understanding the uniqueness of personality styles and individual spiritual experience. Thinking with Your Soul; Spiritual Intelligence and Why It Matters, focuses on my belief that each of us is spiritual in his or her own way, just as we each possess a specific personality style. Our clients find that the insights from their personality and spirituality profiles help them understand themselves better and create dialogue with the women and men whom they are dating.

Vicki Summers


Vicki graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater and Drama Education, followed by a graduate degree in Exceptional Education/Sign Language Interpreting.  In 1986, she moved with her future husband to Cape Cod, where she raised a daughter and worked as a drama teacher for children with special needs, vocational rehabilitation counselor and sign language interpreter.  Vicki has always found time to pursue her passion as an actress, and she has written, produced, directed and starred in memorable productions on Cape Cod and elsewhere. Helping people find their voices and blossom on and off stage has been her primary objective, no matter the vocational field or hobby.  Her compassion, warmth, and strong communication skills are integral to everything she does.  Vicki brings her own personal experience with online dating to her position as a recruiter to Peggy Wolman Matchmaking.

Vicki believes that each day offers the opportunity to begin a new journey.  “We have only to open ourselves to the myriad possibilities.”

Ellen Korsh



Ellen Korsh has enjoyed photographing people and elements of nature since her teens. Her early commercial endeavors include more than 10 years casting commercials and voiceovers, at Boston’s Cameo Kids, Outcasting (Co-owner) and Boston Casting. More recently, she has spent time on the other side of the camera, as a print model for Boston-area advertisers, including the Boston Globe, Fidelity, Bose, Clark’s Shoes, and Keurig.

As a portrait photographer, Ellen strives to engage her subjects and put them at ease, “My experience as a casting director helped me develop an eye for portraits and empathy for often nervous subjects. Helping people to relax and enjoy the process is the key to capturing their beauty in the photograph.”

Ellen has studied photography at the New England School of Photography and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Ellen received the Professional Photography Certificate from the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts in 2012.

Ally Wecker

Image Consultant


Ally Wecker has a keen eye and sensibility for the importance of style and presentation in personal and professional relationships. As we all know, first impressions are powerful and lasting. They often shape the future of any interaction. In the world of dating, an authentic image is crucial and can set the stage for communicating your best self to anyone you meet.

Do you feel confident when you meet new people? Are you constantly questioning your appearance? Does your image project to people who you really are? Appearance and poise matter, especially in the beginning of a personal relationship or a new opportunity. StyledbyAlly Image Consulting, will help you create a style that is unique to who you are and to the image you want to project.

Working with Ally is a simple and fun process. First, you will spend time together so that she can understand your tastes, your style history and your strengths. She will then provide you with the resources to look and feel great about the image you project. The result will empower and enhance you for the rest of your life. With her energetic and outgoing personality, her honest communication skills and positive outlook, Ally will make your transformation an easy and exciting one. Ally is also mindful of the costs associated with creating your new and unique image, and she will work with you within your budget.

Ally’s background is in the area of professional development, sales and marketing. She has extensive experience in image creation, effective presence and customer service and is current in the world of fashion; she follows trends and styles for all body shapes and types. Her unique talents allow her to utilize many resources from hair salons, make-up artists, specialty stores, discount stores (TJ Max, Marshall’s, H&M) and a wide range of retail stores (GAP, Eileen Fisher, Ann Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks, and more).

Ally received her BA in psychology and her MBA in Health Administration, both from Union College. She lives in Weston, Massachusetts with her husband, 3 sons and their dog, Lola.

Consider having Peggy and Richard Wolman present a workshop or seminar for your educational institution, business, or community organization.


It has been a pleasure to work with Peggy and Richard. The seminars and workshops they presented to our clients were hugely successful. They were excellent presenters; our clients described them as knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do. They were thoughtful and confident in their presentation and our clients were able to learn valuable information on how to dive back into the dating world. One client said, “I loved Peggy, what a delight and what a wealth of information. I would definitely come to another program with her.” We plan to continue working with them more in the future.

~Robert J. Rice, Partner, Harvest Wealth Management


Peggy and Richard describe the complex process of dating in engaging and revealing ways, causing delightful discomfort as we recognize our own missteps in the process of seeking a mate! Peggy helps make the steps clearer, the way less formidable, and our behavior less like that of clowns and more like the appealing beings we are at heart. She also offers great good sense to established couples looking to be more conscious of the ways they connect.

~Kendall Dudley, Lifeworks Career & Life Design Consultant, Life Planning Network (LPN)