Love Matters

“Holiday Emotions” – Love Matters, December 2016

For most of us, the Holidays and the New Year evoke an assortment of emotions: gratitude, kindness and love, joy, peace, busy-ness, spirituality, loneliness, and hope are some of the major players that come to mind. We’ve been thinking about how you might use these emotions to motivate yourself, lift your spirits and become a…

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“Challenging the Taboo” – Love Matters, November 2016

We do not generally recommend the topics of politics, religion, or past relationships on first or second dates, but the more we talked about this advice these past few weeks, a different scenario emerged. This turbulent election and its influence on America’s political future impact us all, no matter who our candidate for President was….

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“The Benefit of the Doubt” – Love Matters, July 2016

We recently spoke with a former client who is now in a successful long-term relationship.  We were discussing those elements of a relationship that can make or break a loving connection.  She told us that she explained to her partner that when they discussed something about which they disagreed, he immediately thought she was trying…

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