“Outside in” and “Inside out” – Love Matters April 2016

We work with our clients and coach them for optimal dating results.  We make sure they have dynamite photos for their online profiles and for sharing with potential introductions. We know that you get THREE SECONDS for someone to look at your photo before they decide to click on your profile to read more or click on to the next candidate.  A warm smile with a full-face headshot can do wonders for attracting the kinds of people you want to meet.

We also make sure that each client has a consultation with our image consultant to reflect on what they wear, how their hair is styled, and how they present themselves to the public.  People – men in particular – are first attracted to and driven by what they see.

The online profile is also an important component of the online process and a vehicle to having someone get to know you well enough to want to get to know you better.  We spend a good deal of time and energy in perfecting these “mini-autobiographies” so that the chances of meeting like-minded singles who would want to meet you in real time and get to know you are increased.

We understand that the social presentation each of us makes is critical to social – and romantic – success.  How the world sees you and how you want to be seen can be, without doubt, a significant portion of the basis on which new relationships, Platonic as well as romantic, are formed.

Yes, the “outside” is indispensable for finding your way in the new world of dating and finding love.  Sometimes, however, the “inside” is sacrificed to the pressure of trying to make sure everything “looks” right.  The inside of a person is the platform on which personality, spirituality, empathy, and sensibility is based.  We make sure that every one of our clients takes part in a personality assessment and spirituality evaluation.  We create conversations that explore past history of love relationships – the good, the bad and the ugly – because we understand that each of us has an important back story that we bring in one fashion or another to every new romantic relationship.

What has happened in the past?  How did you deal with it? How has that experience shaped your beliefs and expectations about finding love again? What did you learn from your past relationships that can serve you well as you embark on this new journey?

The answers – full or partial – to these questions inform the new chapter of your life as you courageously set forth on this journey to find love.

Our goal as matchmakers and Dating Coaches is to bring the “Outside” and the “Inside” of each of our clients into balance, into a harmonious combination of the best aspects of your psychological and emotional world with your attractive new social image. When that balance is achieved, you are ready to bring your best self to the new relationships that will nourish you and enrich your life.