Richard Wolman


I have been a member of the faculty of Harvard Medical School for over 30 years. As an experienced clinician, author, researcher and teacher, I studied and helped countless individuals navigate their relationships through troubled waters.

So, my new ‘App’ with Peggy of coaching men and women in their search for love is an organic extension of my career. This work inspires me, because I have seen that even though many of our clients have endured extraordinarily difficult life experiences, hope survives and can generate new, loving connections.

In my role as President and Research Director of PsychoMatrix, an educational research organization, I also know the value of understanding the uniqueness of personality styles and individual spiritual experience. Thinking with Your Soul; Spiritual Intelligence and Why It Matters, focuses on my belief that each of us is spiritual in his or her own way, just as we each possess a specific personality style. Our clients find that the insights from their personality and spirituality profiles help them understand themselves better and create dialogue with the women and men whom they are dating.