Peggy and Richard Wolman on Perfecting Your Online Profile

“Meeting” men online requires a unique profile and it is crucial to distinguish yourself. The most important feature of a successful online profile is your headshot. You’ll need quality photos, which almost always means getting a professional photo taken. This doesn’t mean the photo doesn’t look natural, but it’s a photo that makes you look the best that you can look. Keep the photo recent. Not more than a year old. Wear color. Color stimulates emotion. For women, choose a feminine top that is flattering. For both men and women, color says fun and sexy. Look approachable. Smile and look right at the camera.

A few photo don’ts: No glasses, unless you wear them all the time. Never wear sunglasses in your headshot. No mirror photos. No pets or kids. Save personal relationships to talk about when you meet. You don’t cook a recipe with every ingredient in your kitchen. Mystery is good. No surprises. If you change your hair color, get a new photo. In addition to your headshot, you should also include three to fi ve other photos that show you doing something you enjoy doing or a photo of you taken somewhere that has special meaning to you. Include one full body shot. Don’t include any girl friends or guy friends and never use a photo with someone cut out of the photo, especially with an arm around you — no matter whose it is.

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